Transaction costs and competitive tendering in public sector

A conceptual framework


  • Hamisi K. Sama Procurement and Supplies Department, College of Business Education, Dodoma Campus, P.O. Box 2077, Dodoma, Tanzania



Transaction Costs, Competitive Tendering, Public Procurement


This paper presents the structure and contexts of transaction costs and competitive tendering. The model is proposed as the first step in the development of a causal link between transaction costs and competitive tendering in the public sector. It draws upon the theory of open systems to build a structural framework. Concepts relevant to transaction costs and competitive tendering in the public sector are integrated into this framework. The subsequent papers will add concepts to the model and demonstrate a generic model fit for public practitioners, decision-makers, academicians, and bidders (suppliers, contractors, and service providers) to carry out their procurement activities in a systematic and planned manner.



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