Does marketing strategy support the sustainability of the school industry?

A case study in Indonesia


  • Cesya Rizkika Parahiyanti Universitas Negeri Malang
  • Rosa Nurmalita



preschool, marketing strategy, marketing mix, case study


The competition in the early childhood education industry is getting tougher with new preschools with various types and innovations on offer. This exploratory research reviews the situation and condition of preschools in Indonesia with a qualitative approach based on case studies. Secondary data collection and interviews with millennial mothers were carried out to support the existing data to analyze the gaps in the marketing strategies used by preschools with expectations in the community. The results of this study indicate that preschools must understand the current needs of their prospective customers, especially millennial mothers who currently have great potential to become their primary target market. The strategy used can depart from the marketing mix analysis, such as optimizing the school's website and social media as a reference communication medium for parents in choosing a preschool for their children.


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