The implications of COVID-19 at the demand of masks and hygiene products in Jordan




COVID-19, Demand, Non-price determinants, Price, Quantity, Shortage, Surplus, Jordan


This research aims to determine the level of implication of COVID-19 on the demand for masks and hygiene products in the Jordanian markets. The researchers found that the demand and usage of masks and hygiene products have increased, also the lifestyle and daily-living purchasing of Jordanians have been affected by this pandemic. This research depends on three ways online questionnaires, physical interviews, and phone calls to collect data. The Jordan government takes into consideration the implications of this pandemic on the social, health, and economic situations. It has facilitated to the construction of mask factories in the country, and it has made strategic collaborations in import and export with different countries around the world. This research describes both two sides of the economic and market situation of the masks and hygiene products in Jordan. A mixed method approach was adopted to achieve the objectives of the study, consisting of an online survey questionnaire followed by semi-structured interviews. The quantitative data from the questionnaire were analyzed using SPSS 25 software and the qualitative data of each interview have been analyzed using thematically and textual analysis. The findings revealed that the demand for masks and hygiene products is affected by COVID-19 from 2020-2021.


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