Sustainability: The adoption of green economy and sustainable accounting principles by South African listed companies and lessons learnt




Green economy, Sustainable accounting, JSE listed companies, Environmental degradation, United Nations, Global community


The globe is facing challenges such as wars, poverty, injustice, environmental degradation, inequality, and climate change. These challenges have unsettled man in his habitation on the globe thereby prompting the United Nations to engage all nations to unite in addressing these global challenges. The interaction of the United Nations with the global community led to the understanding that eradicating poverty must be coupled with strategies that promote economic growth whilst addressing a myriad of social needs as well as climate change and environmental issues. Amongst the strategies to tackle the global challenges indicated above are sustainable accounting and the green economy. As members of the global community, South African listed companies also have a role to play in combating sustainability challenges. This paper contributes to the literature on sustainability, particularly on the adoption of the green economy and sustainable accounting by listed companies in the South African context as well as lessons learned in the process.


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Author Biography

Varaidzo Denhere, University of Johannesburg

Dr., College of Business and Economics, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa


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