Small enterprises and banking in rural Ghana

Evidence from owners


  • Charles Adusei
  • Isaac Tweneboah-Koduah



Small enterprises; Financing; Rural banking; Rural Ghana


This study aim is to explore owners of small enterprises' appreciation of bank’s role in developing their businesses and the challenges that come along in accessing banking services in the context of Sefwi-Bekwai which is a rural community. Questionnaires were used to solicit information from the owners while descriptive statistics aided the data analysis. The study found that the main source of start-up capital is the owner’s funds whiles saving was recorded as the key benefit of banking. It further revealed that the high-interest rate charged was a barrier in accessing loans and the effect of bank relations was sound financial management for the SME’s operations. The paper suggests the need for small enterprise owners in the rural communities to form an association for their benefit in terms of taking advantage of group lending and demanding support and relief from relevant authorities. Improved institutional support would also give small enterprises better access to the information they need for financing and growth.


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