Strength of provision and law protection of children's witnesses


  • Rahmida Erliyani Faculty of Law, Lambung Mangkurat University



Provision, Law Protection, Children's Witnesses


The purpose of this study is to explain the concept of a child witness according to the criminal evidence proving law, and how the protection for children as a witness, as well as how the strength of evidence of child testimony in the criminal justice system. This research is normative legal research that focuses on secondary data by describing the execution of religious courts in regulating child custody cases. The type of data used is the type of primary data and secondary data. Analysis of the data used is a qualitative way with the legislation approach, case approach, and analysis approach. The results showed that the concept of a child's Witness does not qualify as valid witness evidence. Children as Witnesses are entitled to receive legal protection as regulated in the Child Protection Act and the Criminal Justice System for Children and the Witness and Victim Protection Act. The strength of proof of a child's testimony only has value if it is connected with other evidence.


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Erliyani, R. (2020). Strength of provision and law protection of children’s witnesses. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), 9(3), 133–140.