Does institutional ownership moderate the effect of intellectual capital and company value?

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Paputungan, R., Subroto, B., & Ghofar, A. (2020). Does institutional ownership moderate the effect of intellectual capital and company value?. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), 9(1), 127-136.


This study aims to empirically examine the influence of intellectual capital towards company value and also its influence while being moderated by institutional ownership. This study uses purposive sampling to determine samples from manufacturing companies listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange during the year of 2014–2018. The total sample obtained in this study is 301 from the 720 population of data throughout the research year. Data analysis techniques use multiple regression and moderated regression analysis (MRA) methods. The results of this study show that Intellectual Capital has a positive significant effect on company value while institutional ownership does not have a significant effect on moderating the influence of intellectual capital towards company value. The practical implication of this study is to provide information to managers or owners of public manufacturing companies and investors about the importance of intangible assets investment like intellectual capital as the competitive strategies to achieve more optimal company value, as well as for regulator to make clear regulations about the disclosures of intangible assets.


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