Influence of social media advertising, e-marketing and product quality on the process of purchasing nature cosmetics


  • Syawaluddin Syawaluddin STIE Professional Manajemen College Indonesia
  • Joni Joni STMIK TIME
  • Erwin Erwin STIE MIKROSKIL



Social Media Advertising, E-marketing, Product Quality, Purchasing Decision, Nature Cosmetics


This study seeks to investigate the role of Social Media Advertising, E-Marketing, and Product Quality on Consumers’ Decision to Purchase Nature Cosmetics in North Sumatra-Indonesia partially and simultaneously. The data were analyzed using multiple Linear Regression model and coefficient of Determination. This research leads to the results that variables of Social Media Advertising, E-Marketing, and Product Quality simultaneously have a positive and significant impact on consumers’ decision in making purchases of Nature Cosmetics in North Sumatra-Indonesia and partially the variable of product quality is more dominant in consumers’ decision in purchasing Environment-friendly Cosmetics in North Sumatra-Indonesia. The coefficient of determination (R Square) shows that the variable of Social Media Advertising, E-Marketing, Product Quality is 0,593 or 59.3% while the remaining 40,7% is affected by other factors beyond the scope of this study.


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