The impact of corporate social responsibility, corporate value, and profitability on the share prices of Sri Kehati Index Companies from 2016 to 2020




Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Value, Profitability, Share Prices, Sri Kehati Index


Investor interest in a company can be measured by changes in the share price of each company. This research will test and analyse the impact of corporate social responsibility, profitability and enterprise value on share prices. The share price becomes an attraction for investors and becomes the basis for the valuation of the company, which can be observed from the rising or falling share price trend. The data source uses secondary data in annual financial and sustainability reports of each company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) and Sri Kehati Index, respectively, in 2016 - 2020. The data analysis method uses panel data regression, which was conducted in stages to determine the most appropriate regression model, and finally fixed effect was selected. The results of the study show that the variables of profitability and firm value affect stock prices, while social responsibility does not.


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