The effect of brand experience and service quality on customer loyalty mediated by customer satisfaction


  • Shafira Nadhifa Univesity of Brawijaya
  • Sunaryo University of Brawijaya
  • Surachman University of Brawijaya



Brand Experience, Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty


This study aims to examine the effect of brand experience and service quality on customer loyalty mediated by customer satisfaction at BCA.  This study uses explanatory research with a quantitative approach. The population in this study were all customers who transacted at BCA Branch Gresik. The study employed the purposive sampling technique. The sample in the study was 160 BCA customer respondents. Data was collected through surveys, documentation, and the use of Likert scales to test instruments. The data was analyzed using Structural Equation Model Partial Least Squares (SEM-PLS) modeling. The results showed that brand experience has no significant effect on customer satisfaction. Service quality has a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction. In addition, customer satisfaction also has a positive and significant effect on customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction can mediate the relationship between brand experience and service quality on customer loyalty. The findings of this study suggest that BCA Gresik should provide a good experience for customers and improve service quality during customer transactions at the Bank. By increasing these two things, customers will feel satisfied which creates loyal customers.


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Author Biographies

Shafira Nadhifa, Univesity of Brawijaya

Masters, Management Department, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya, Mutiara Jingga Residence, 65141, Indonesia

Sunaryo, University of Brawijaya

Doctor, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya, Haryono Street, 65145, Malang, Indonesia.

Surachman, University of Brawijaya

Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Brawijaya, Mertojoyo Street, 65144, Malang, Indonesia


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