Exploring the drivers and the utility of road tolling in Zimbabwe





Road Tolling, Utility, Drivers, Toll Gates, Zimbabwe


The issue of road tolling is a topical subject, especially for developing countries who are being affected by paltry budgetary allocations towards highway infrastructure investment. The Zimbabwean Government took almost a decade before implementing road tolling. It was thus needful to come up with innovative, long-lasting solutions to address the financial constraints towards highway infrastructure investment hence the introduction of road tolling systems in Zimbabwe. To this effect, the study unpacks the drivers and the utility of road tolling in Zimbabwe. Through the usage of a case study research design which triangulates both the qualitative and quantitative methods, the study collected data using a survey questionnaire, document analysis and in-depth interviews with key informants. Data was analysed using the SPSS, content analysis and thematic analysis techniques. The results revealed that the dwindling budgetary allocations towards highway infrastructure investment, hyperinflation, and backlog in the maintenance and construction of trunk roads were the key factors that led the Zimbabwean Government to introduce road tolling. Additionally, the study highlighted that road tolling was introduced primarily to generate revenue for the construction, rehabilitation, and maintenance of highway infrastructure in Zimbabwe. Recommendations were made to enhance the adoption and operationalisation of road tolling systems.


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