An assessment on factors contributing to road fatalities on R546 Route in Mpumalanga Province: A case of Govan Mbeki Municipal Area




Factors, law enforcement, resources, road fatalities, transportation


The objective of this study was to evaluate the consequences of road accidents and explore novel approaches aimed at promoting safer behavior among road users. The enforcement of road traffic laws serves as a means to generate income while also ensuring compliance with traffic regulations and fostering a safer road infrastructure that is conducive to enhancing the well-being of individuals and bolstering the economy of South Africa. The data collection process utilized an approach based on non-probability sampling, namely intentional sampling. A total of 30 individuals were selected to participate in the study. This sample consisted of government officials (n=13), taxi operators (n=4), taxi commuters (n=8), and senior academics (n=5). The study's results were categorized into three main themes: human error emerged as the primary factor contributing to road traffic fatalities, insufficient allocation of resources to address road fatalities, and the enhancement of law enforcement operating procedures and working hours. These themes were derived from the perspectives of the participants and findings from previous studies in the existing literature. The findings of the study indicate that professional and organizational factors have a more significant impact on dangerous conduct when compared to external and personal factors. The report provides recommendations for mitigating contributory factors by adopting innovative technical devices to avoid and minimize road fatalities. Additionally, it suggests implementing policy-based measures and establishing regulatory organizations to reduce the occurrence of accidents.


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