Assessing the role of entrepreneurship industry and SMEs to economic growth in South Africa


  • Trisha Ramsuraj Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Information and Corporate Management, Durban University of Technology, South Africa



Entrepreneurship, Development, Economic, SMME, Poverty, Sustainability


The study looked at the role and contribution of entrepreneurship industry to foster social and economic development through small, micro, and medium-sized businesses in South Africa. The conceptual research looked at the influence of small, micro, and medium-sized businesses (SMMEs) on South African development. The study's objective was to evaluate how small, medium-sized businesses (SMMEs) are now driving economic growth and solving social issues in a setting where big businesses and governments appear to be doing very little. As a result, the study examines how SMMEs might help the nation solve persistent societal evils including poverty, inequality, and social isolation. A desktop literature review research design was adopted to collect data on the role of entrepreneurship in South Africa, policies and practices of big business and government that exacerbate social issues in communities and impede socioeconomic development, as well as the specific roles that SMMEs play in achieving socioeconomic development goals. Findings from research indicate that, among other development outcomes, SMMEs are at the vanguard of creating jobs and fostering social and political justice in the nation. Future empirical studies that account for and evaluate the importance of SMME contributions to the construction of economic, social, and political justice in the nation are advised because this work lacks the empirical support necessary to substantiate its conclusions and observations.



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Author Biography

Trisha Ramsuraj, Lecturer and Researcher, Department of Information and Corporate Management, Durban University of Technology, South Africa




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