An Empirical Analysis of the Pageview and Visit Duration of Pornography Websites


  • Chatpong Tangmanee



Empirical Analysis, PAgeview, Visit Duration, Pornography Websites


A positive relationship between pageview and visit duration has been identified for several types of websites, including retail. However, pornography websites offer such explicitly sexual content that viewers might stay on one page so long that it could distort the positivity. Yet, no empirical work has investigated this matter and little has focused on visit behavior to adult websites. Based on 473,840 visit sessions to pornography websites targeting both (1) the public and (2) the homosexual viewers, the 0.771 correlation coefficient between the pageview and the visit duration is statistically significant. It confirms that these two variables are positively related in the online pornography context. We also found that the viewer’s sexual orientation may have a moderating effect on the relationship between them. In addition to extending the theoretical insights into online visit behavior to pornography websites, online practitioners may apply the findings in order to retain visitors to their websites.


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Tangmanee, C. (2019). An Empirical Analysis of the Pageview and Visit Duration of Pornography Websites. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), 8(3), 72–82.