Leadership style and organizational citizenship behavior in the local public hospital of Indonesia: The impact of job satisfaction





Organizational citizenship behavior, transformational leadership, transactional leadership, job satisfaction


This study aims to explore the mediating role of job satisfaction in the influence of transformational leadership and transactional leadership on organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). A total of 110 respondents were involved in this study. In collecting data, researchers distributed questionnaires to nurses at the regional general hospital, Tulungangung, East Java, Indonesia. The collected data were then analyzed using the partial least squares (PLS) method. The research findings show that there is a significant relationship between transformational leadership and OCB, job satisfaction and OCB. However, not as we expected, transactional leadership did not show a significant improvement in nurses’ OCB. Furthermore, both transformational leadership and transactional leadership are able to act as strong predictors of job satisfaction. Finally, we hypothesized that job satisfaction may mediate the effect of transformational leadership and transactional leadership on OCB.


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