The influence of promotion, product quality and brand image towards customer purchase decisions of Wardah cosmetic products




promotion, product quality, brand image, purchase decision


Along with the increasing demand for qualified skincare products these days, there are many companies in Indonesia that produce facial beauty products that emphasize a good image in the minds of the consumers and intensive promotion. This study was conducted to determine whether the promotion, product quality, and brand image affect the purchase decisions. The research was conducted using a survey method using a questionnaire to a sample of 200 respondents who used Wardah Cosmetics beauty products.  The sample was obtained by doing a purposive random sampling technique. The data analysis technique used in this research was using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using the AMOS program. The results of this study indicated that the promotion and the product quality had a significant effect on the brand image and brand image has a significant effect on purchasing decisions.


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