Financial development and foreign direct investment nexus: A systematic review of literature




Financial Development, FDI, Financial Market, Financial Institutions


In this study, we review the literature to find how the financial development of a country attracts foreign direct investments for a sustainable real sector development of the country. The area is least focused on literature. Thus we don’t limit our search and review to any time or database or journal category. We find the theoretical logic and empirical evidence so far available in the literature. Our review finds that the development of the financial sector of a country is one of the most important attractors of FDIs. Theoretically, financial sector development works as a symbol of trust and goodness to the new potential investors and a good resource allocation channel for the existing investors. However, very few researchers find that FDIs are more prone to countries with a low developed financial system which may happen due to the presence of risk-taker foreign investors and risk-averse domestic entrepreneurs.


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