Sharia conformity for mudharabah financing practices in sharia banks based on the DSN-MUI Fatwa Number 07 year 2000: A case study


  • Santi Lamusu universitas brawijaya
  • Aulia Fuad Rahman
  • Noval Adib



Fatwa, Financing, Mudharabah, Islamic Bank


This study aims to uncover and analyze the suitability of sharia mudharabah financing practices at Bank Muamalat Semarang Branch with Fatwa DSN MUI Number 07 year 2000. To achieve this goal, the research was pursued using a qualitative method with a case study approach. The primary data of this research is interviews and is supported by secondary data. The key informants are bank employees. Data analysis was performed by using qualitative data analysis namely reduction, display and conclusion. The results showed that Bank Muamalat Semarang branch in carrying out the practice of mudharabah financing was in accordance with the DSN MUI Fatwa Number 07 year 2000 and the applicable SOP. Meanwhile, the recommendations in the Fatwa which are optional are still carried out in accordance with the prevailing regulations. For example, by requiring guarantees, channeling mudharabah financing only in the form of cash assets, only financing productive businesses such as BPRS and BMT, as well as the criteria for entrepreneurs, financing procedures and profit sharing mechanisms. The decision to choose the policy is accompanied by certain considerations, especially for the sustainability and security of LKS and does not conflict with fatwa rules so that it does not go out of the corridor of sharia principles in muamalah  


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