What What Drives Stock Market Performance of Banks / Universal Banks? A Critical Examination of Literature


  • Antonio Jaramillo Dayag University of Santo Tomas
  • Fernando L. Trinidad, Dr. University of Santo Tomas




Universal banks, Stock returns, Stock price


Universal banks combine commercial loan services and public deposit functions with investment, and other services such as home and auto financing, mutual funds, pension and insurance to name a few. The importance of universal banks have been recognized in emerging economies, and its growth spur economic growth and development of many countries in the world. Most universal banks are listed in stock exchanges, and as financial intermediaries, not only these banks expand their already wide portfolios but they allow more global investors into the fold, almost like a foreign direct investor, the difference only is, the investor don’t have to leave the home country. Since these banks are considered to be among the key players in stock markets, and this study seeks to understand what factors drive their performance in stock exchange so that global investors be aided in making investment decisions on universal banks.

Author Biography

Fernando L. Trinidad, Dr., University of Santo Tomas

Antonio J. Dayag is the main author. 

Dr. Fernando L. Trinidad is my adviser, he is simply my co-author.


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