Indonesian Purchasing Decisions Through E-Impulse Buying


  • Rediyono STIE PANCASETIA Banjarmasin



Consumer Marketing, E-Impulse Buying, E-Commerce


This research aims to see to how far extent the user interface and user experience an impact on consumer have purchasing decisions through E-Impulse Buying. The correspondents of this study were IKIP PGRI Samarinda students who were active in online purchases through the Shopee application with a usage time of 0-6 years and between 18-24 years of age. The total sample is 131 respondents using purposive sampling method. Research data comes from questionnaires distributed using Google Forms or Manually. The data analysis technique uses path analysis through the SPSS 22 program. The results found show that the user interface and user experience have an impact on purchasing decisions directly, the user interface has an impact on purchasing decisions through E-Impulse Buying, and User Experience has no Impact on decisions purchase through E-Impulse Buying.



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