Investment Feasibility in the Framework of Implementation Cooperation in the Utilization of Regional Property


  • Lorasitaniajeng Sukamdani PPS Unmer Malang
  • Gaguk Apriyanto
  • Moh. Burhan



Investments, cost of capital, Initial Public Offerings, Asymmetric Information, Firm Valuation, Ownership Structure, Government Regulation, Corporate Governance, causality, ownership, firm performance


This study aims to analyze the feasibility of investment in the framework of implementing cooperation in the utilization of assets or goods owned by the local government using descriptive semi-qualitative methods. In conducting the analysis, researchers used the investment feasibility approach is the Net Present Value (NPV) method to measure the present value of the expected net cash flow of a project, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is the discount rate that makes the NPV of the project zero, Profitability Index (PI) to measure the relationship between the present value of net cash flow and initial investment and Payback Period (PP) is the period of time required to recover the initial investment from net cash flow. In addition, in order to develop tourism potential, researchers use the Segmenting Targeting Positioning (STP) strategy, which is an approach used by companies to understand their markets better and develop effective marketing strategies. The results prove that the cooperation plan for the utilization of assets or goods owned by the local government with partners as investors is feasible because it produces additional net cash flow during the project with a positive present value, and the rate of return on the net value of cash flow during the project is greater than the BI Rate and the benefits received from tourism development are more profitable than the costs incurred during the project. In addition, the time span required for payback is shorter than the project period. As an effort to increase tourism revenue and visitors, the Segmenting Targeting Positioning strategy is used.


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