Barrier options pricing under stochastic volatility using Monte Carlo simulation


  • Yacin Jerbi
  • Rania Bouzid Bouzid



barrier options, Option pricing, stochastic volatility, Heston model


The aim of this paper is to evaluate barrier options by considering volatility as stochastic following the CIR process used in Heston (1993). To solve this problem, we used Monte Carlo simulation. We studied the effects of stochastic volatility on the value of the barrier option by considering different values of the determinants of the option. We illustrated these effects in twelve graphs. We found that in general, regardless of the parameter under study, the stochastic volatility model significantly overvalues the in-the-money (ITM) barrier options, and slightly the deep-in-the money (DIP) options, while slightly undervaluing the near-out-the money (NTM) options.


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