The impact of investment projects in the local economic development in post-conflict countries

Albana Zhinipotoku, Bujar Pira


This study will contribute towards the evaluation of the effects of the investment project "Supporting production businesses", in Shtime, as part of the local economic development strategy. For the study were used primary data (Interview) and secondary data (official document and relevant reports) based on identified indicators, as: 1)Type of support (value of money, number of donation, surface offered on m2, location, number of training offered); 2) number of businesses, number new job created, number of taxpayers, number of new investment and 3) number of new products, new market, new technology, increase in turnover / profit, or changes in business organization. As a result of the support provided, these enterprises continue to develop their business successfully. The project has had a positive impact on local economic development in the municipality of Shtime, contributing to employment growth, increasing the number of taxpayers as well as improving the business structure in favour of processing enterprises. Furthermore, as a result of this project, these enterprises have recorded an increase in turnover and profit, as well as expanding their market with new products. This research shows the impact of the public investment in local economic development in particular with the small production companies.


local economic development, employment, evaluation, Shtime.

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