Labor market and management of gender based decision making

Kosova case study

  • Bashkim Bellaqa Albanian
  • Xhavit Shala
  • Dea Bellaqa
Keywords: Labor Market, Labor Managment, Decision, Labor Econmics Policies


Improving gender equality in decision-making is a very important issue in a country's economic development. The main purpose of the research is to analyze the level of central level decision making and the alignment of the labor market at Kosovo level on gender basis. Also, this paper presents a theoretical focus on the role of decision making for a better service and the possible management of gender equality counseling programs in the economic, political and social spheres. Kosovo continues to face challenges as well as a marked disparity in women's disadvantage in regards to managing the gender-based decision-making process at both the central and the local level. Although there are laws that stimulate gender equality, the position of women in decision-making in public life in terms of contributing to economic, political and social development endeavors are lacking their increase in participation and decision-making at both central and local levels.


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