Analysis of health seeking behaviour on effective delivery of health services under capitation scheme in Kenya

  • Priscilla Nduku Wangai Kenya Institute of management
  • Amos Njuguna
  • Joseph Ngugi
Keywords: effectiveness


Under capitation health scheme, a member freely selects a health facility from which to seek health services. There is no restriction of the number of times a member seeks health services from the facility within the contract period. This has affected delivery of health service under capitation contracting. This paper documents a quantitative analysis of the effect of health seeking behaviour on effective delivery of health services. Since human behaviour is assumed to be a natural phenomena, a philosophical view of positivism wаs аdopted in this research. Accordingly, a scientific approach was used to deduce the influence of health seeking behaviour on the metrics of effectiveness. Out of 1152 health facilities accredited to offer primary healthcare in Kenya, data was collected from a sample of 297 health units using closed ended questionnaires. Logit regression analysis on the data revealed that congestion in out-patient department had a negative effect on quality of health services delivered but a positive effect on accessibility and affordability of the services. Increased frequency of consultation had a negative effect on all the three measures of effectiveness; quality, accessibility and affordability of health service delivery. Corresponding odds ratios were 0.173, 1.105 and 1.295 respectively.


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