Job satisfaction, psychological contracts, and turnover intention

Role of social support as a mediator


  • Retno Dwiyanti UMP
  • Hazalizah Binti Hamzah
  • Nurul Binti Abas



Job Satisfaction, Psychological Contract, Social Support, Turnover Intention


Employee turnover is a classic problem that is often faced by entrepreneurs. The behavior of employees who move from one company to another can be an indication of employee dissatisfaction with the company and the lack of good relations between employees and the company. Social support can increase the likelihood that employees will be tied to work as social support can help individuals overcome work problems. The sample of this research was 274 retail company sales employees in Purwokerto. Data were collected using the work satisfaction scale, psychological contract scale, and turnover intention questionnaire. The results showed that there was no effect on job satisfaction and Psychological contracts on Turnover Intention by using social support as a mediating variable,  VAF was less than 20%. While the relationship between psychological contracts and turnover intention is significant.


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Dwiyanti, R., Hamzah, H. B., & Binti Abas, N. (2019). Job satisfaction, psychological contracts, and turnover intention: Role of social support as a mediator. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), 8(6), 96–104.