Good Governance in Private University in Medan City


  • Maya Sari University Of Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara
  • Muhammad Qorib
  • Seprida Hanum Harahap
  • Jufrizen Jufrizen



Governance, Private Universities, Effectiveness, Transparency


The purpose of this study was to create transparency, accountability, participation, effectiveness and consistency in private universities in the city of Medan. To obtain the data needed in this study, researchers used data collection techniques by means of surveys. Researchers do this by distributing questionnaires to lecturers and / or employees at Private Universities in Medan City. The results of the study showed that Good Governance has been running well at Private Universities in Medan City, and most respondents stated their agreement that aspects of transparency, participation, accountability, and effectiveness have gone well. This was supported by the results of research that good governance at private universities in Medan city 87% have applied the aspect of transparency, 90% have applied the aspect of Participation, 51% have implemented accountability, and 87% have applied the aspect of effectiveness.


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