A Strategic Approach to the Consumer Perception of Brand on the Basis of Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty

A Comparative Analysis of Coke & Pepsi Brands in Erbil KRI

  • Khurram Sultan Lecturer @ Lebanese French Univeristy
  • Saja Akram
  • Sara Abdulhaliq
  • Deema Jamal
  • Rezan Saleem
Keywords: Consumer Perception, Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty


In this study, the consumer perception for brand awareness and brand loyalty for two famous brands of soft drinks Coca Cola and Pepsi, has been evaluated. For this purpose, the effects of consumer perception of Coke and Pepsi were analysed for consumer association to these brands. The objectives of the study are multi fold (I) Studying onthe consumers preferences (II) to illustrate which brand’s advertisement mostly people have seen, (iii) demonstrate the reason to buy cola drinks or Pepsi drinks (iv) assessment of the creation of a top of mind awareness about COCA COLA in, Erbil KRI by providing the information to consumers. Sample size were selected 50 consumers of drinks (PePsi and Coca Cola ). Data collected and analyzed by using Microsoft office 2010 version. Results revealed that consumers of Pepsi and Coca cola most of the consumer found toward coca cola and they like coca cola as compare to Pepsi and the reason behind it is the strong taste of coca cola such as 60 % people answered that they remember more advertisement as compare to Pepsi and others. and 90%  said coca cola is easily available in their approach and  also 70 % people answer that they like coca cola  due to its strong taste so the overall research survey for Coke and Pepsi has revealed that Coke is more adopted brand then that of Pepsi and recommendations are recommended such as perception leads to the brand loyalty, thus brands in general and Coke and Pepsi needs to focus on the point that its consumers are made to perceive more value from the brand which can come through assuring them about quality of product and other factor i.e. best price, best value, availability, trend etc.


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Sultan, K., Akram, S., Abdulhaliq, S., Jamal, D., & Saleem, R. (2019). A Strategic Approach to the Consumer Perception of Brand on the Basis of Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), 8(3), 33-44. https://doi.org/10.20525/ijrbs.v8i3.259