Assessment of factors influencing natural rubber production among smallholder farmers in Liberia using Fuzzy AHP




Liberia, natural rubber, fuzzy logic, sustainability, AHP


Natural Rubber (NR) is an important agricultural product utilized in various sectors. NR is one of the world's biggest industries and a critical component in many industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and medicine. Liberia is a top producer of NR with over 127 years of production history. However, since 2014, Liberia's NR net production has decreased by 0.7% year on year and has fallen behind Sri Lanka. NR production in Liberia has experienced scant performance due to many factors. In this project, we employ mixed-method research to examine the factors influencing the decline of the Liberian NR supply chain and propose solutions that will further stimulate the industry's growth. We conduct an MCDM study among 34 smallholder rubber farmers from Grand Bassa, Margibi and Bong counties. Their grading of ten policy objectives and recommendations are programmed using Fuzzy AHP.


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