The effect of transformational leadership and organizational justice toward employee performance mediated by job satisfaction

A study of Blitar, Indonesia police




Tranformational Leadership, Organizational Justice, Job Satisfaction, Employee Performance


The purpose of this study was to examine transformational leadership and organizational justice on employee performance with the role of job satisfaction as a mediation. This research was conducted on the employee of police officers are part of Indonesian police officers, especially located in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia with a total sample used in this study is 176 respondents. Questionnaires are used in this study for the data collection method, the data is analyzed using Structural Equation Model and Partial Least Square. The results show; (1) There is a positive and significant influence between transformational leadership on employee performance, (2) There is a positive and significant influence between transformational leadership on job satisfaction, and (3) There is a positive and significant influence between organizational justice on employee performance, (4) There is positive and significant influence between organizational justice towards job satisfaction, (5) There is positive and significant influence between job satisfaction on employee performance, (6) There is positive and significant influence between transformational leadership on employee performance through job satisfaction, (7) There is positive and no significant influence between organizational justice on employee performance through job satisfaction.


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