Analysis of Bali cattle business income on different scales in Tiworo Tengah District, Indonesia


  • Hairil A. Hadini Faculty of Animal Science, Halu Oleo University, Jl. H.E.A Mokodompit, Campus Hijau Bumi Tridharma, Anduonohu, Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesian
  • Musram Abadi
  • La Ode Arsad Sani
  • La Ode Muh Munadi
  • Surahmanto
  • Wegig Sukoco Anggoro



Income; Bali cattle; Tiworo Tengah


Bali cattle farming business in Indonesia is generally maintained by rural communities with the application of improvised technology in both feed management and maintenance systems. The beef cattle farming business is said to be successful if it can increase income, meet the needs of the farmer's life, and know the costs incurred by the breeder. This study aims to analyze the income of Bali cattle businesses with different business scales in Tiworo Tengah District, West Muna Regency using a survey method by taking 40 respondents from Bali cattle farmers spread over 8 villages in Tiworo Tengah District. The data collected consists of primary data and secondary data, then analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively using income analysis. The results show that the average income received by small-scale farmers is IDR 695.827/month, medium-scale farmers are IDR 1.439.440/month, and large-scale farmers are IDR 1.768.515/month.


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