The impact of meaningful work and work engagement on bank employees’ performance




Meaningful Work, Work Engagement, Work Performance, Nurse


The pandemic caused by the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus had a significant impact on the nursing profession. It is known that nurses are one of the professions that are required to be ready to work, even to be at the forefront. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a more in-depth analysis of the factors related to the performance of nurses, with the pandemic not causing the performance of nurses to decrease. This study aims to analyze the effect of meaningful work and work engagement on work performance, either partially or simultaneously. This research is a quantitative study using primary data from distributing questionnaires to 326 nurses on duty at hospitals that are referrals for patients exposed to Covid-19, in Malang Raya, East Java, Indonesia. Furthermore, the data in this study were analyzed using the regression method with Minitab software. The results of this study indicate that both partially and simultaneously meaningful work and work engagement affect the work performance of nurses.


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