An Assessment On Reports Of Institutional Social Responsibility In Turkey


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Institutional Social Responsiblity

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Guler, E. (2014). An Assessment On Reports Of Institutional Social Responsibility In Turkey. International Journal of Research in Business and Social Science (2147- 4478), 3(2), 69-85.


As a consequence of the technological and economic developments experienced in line with globalization, the competition between companies and dependency of societies to one another increased. This burdened the companies the responsibility of developing their knowledge and interest in the society in which they live and operate. Within this framework, the concept of “Institutional Social Responsibility” came into prominence as well.              Companies prepare reports for the purpose of publicizing the projects they fulfill with respect to institutional social responsibility in addition to explaining their financial situations. In this study, the companies operating in BIST-30 Index in Turkey were classified on sector basis and reports indicating the projects they fulfill in accordance with the concept of institutional social responsibility were discussed and assessed.


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